About the Artist

A native San Franciscan, Roy credits the foundation of his artistic development to drawing from life classes and many hours spent at the de young museum in studious observation of the original paintings of such old masters as Rembrandt, Bierdstadt, and Corot. Pat Lowe, south bay editor of "West Art" stated, "Roy's constant striving for professional growth in the fine art field is shown in the meticulous quality of his paintings. His work reveals his expertise in the use of materials, putting him in the classification of the new masters of today's contemporary artists".

Swanson is a nationally recognized west coast artist whose methodology utilizes an old masters dry brush technique upon numerous layers of transparent and opaque paint. They are rendered with such accuracy that they look real and portray a sense of timeless perfection.

A harmonious balance of imagination and reality is present in his portraits which capture the inner strength, beauty, and soul of the Native American. By altering and rearranging the visual elements, Swanson creates exciting color contrasts with lost contours and softly feathered blending of forms and shapes thus establishing a feeling of space, motion, and depth which allows the Spectator the pleasure of sharing in the process of creation.

Artist's Statement

"Your talent is God's gift to you. It can't be taught, it must unfold from within. I have a mission to serve, educate and uplift humanity by sharing my creativity with as many people as possible."

- Roy George Swanson